Department of Pediatrics



Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has emerged as a valuable tool in the emergency department (ED), offering real-time imaging and aiding in rapid decision-making. POCUS has numerous indications in the ED, including assessment of cardiac function, detection of pneumothorax, evaluation of abdominal pain, identification of deep vein thrombosis, and guidance for various procedures. In the pediatric population, POCUS has shown immense potential, particularly in diagnosing conditions such as pneumonia, appendicitis, intussusception, and fractures. Pediatric-specific data has demonstrated the utility of POCUS in improving diagnostic accuracy and expediting care for children, with studies highlighting its effectiveness in reducing the need for further imaging or invasive procedures. Additionally, POCUS is particularly beneficial in resource-limited settings or during emergencies where immediate imaging is crucial. The growing body of evidence supports the integration of POCUS in the ED, empowering clinicians to provide timely and accurate diagnoses, leading to improved outcomes for pediatric patients.

Kiyetta Alade is the director of pediatric POCUS for PEM and was the AAP Section on Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Program Chair from 2018-2021. She also serves on the American College of Emergency Physicians committee member for the section of pediatric emergency medicine. Stephanie Leung is the POCUS fellowship director at BCM/TCH.

Faculty with a research focus on point-of-care ultrasound:

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