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Photo of Stacey Rubin Rose, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.I.D.S.A.
Stacey R. Rose, M.D. F.A.C.P., F.I.D.S.A., Associate Director, Center for Professionalism

The Center for Professionalism has speakers who can offer a variety of professionalism topics to your group. For additional information, please contact or Andrea Croft, the Center's Administrator at

The following are topics Dr. Friedman and Dr. Rose are available to give presentations on. Note that this is a partial list of topics frequently requested for their presentations and workshops.

Promoting a Positive Learning and Working Environment: Practical Approaches

This talk describes features of a supportive clinical learning environment and identifies attitudes and behaviors that can erode psychological safety. you will discover how to develop strategies to mitigate or address negative behaviors in the learning and working environment.

Professionalism Pearls

Communication break downs are the most common cause of medical error, including medical and surgical complications. This talk will highlight three skill sets frequently heralded as pillars of emotional intelligence. Tips will be given on how all individuals can pay attention to these concepts and improve the quality of their communications and relationships at work.

IQ Got You Here EQ Will Get You There (Incorporating Emotional Intelligence In Your Professional Communications)

This session will demonstrate ways to improve communication for relationships with peers and patients because communication break downs are the most common cause of medical error, including medical and surgical complications and help your to identify the three skill sets frequently heralded as pillars of emotional intelligence.     

The Elegant Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a key contributor for growth within medical education. As Medical Educators, we have had scant training on how to effectively give or receive feedback. Understanding the important role of feedback and how to optimize the information given and received in feedback will help physicians in medical education improve their effectiveness.

How to Keep the Fire... While Avoiding Burn Out 

The incidence of burn out among health care professionals is reaching epidemic heights with international impact. This talk offers insights into the definition and etiology of burnout as well as an opportunity to take a self test to assess one’s level of burn out. Organizational contributions to individual burn out will be discussed. Tips to help at every level of their career journey, optimize their ability to manage burn out will be shared.

Where You Stand Depends On What You See

Discusses the neurological basis behind bias and delves into the dangers of stereotypes and biases.

Conflict Resolution

The art of resolving conflict between and within organizations.

The Threads Among Us

The Threads Among Us is a workshop featuring a seven minute film which demonstrates common incivilities experienced by many working in medicine. The video is a springboard for a discussion of ways to improve understanding and kindness and develop empathy among members of the health care team. Team medicine has become increasingly important in the current care of patients. While we have focused on kindness in patient care, we frequently overlook the importance of treating others on the clinical teams with kindness. The concepts covered in this workshop include social contagion, the ladder of influence and the power of gratitude.