Center for Professionalism

Center for Professionalism


Nationally Recognized Recipient of the 2020 AΩA Honor Medical Society Professionalism Award


The Center for Professionalism is focused on creating a culture of civility, compassion, and connection through heightened professionalism.

They have identified a BCM accepted definition of Professionalism as: a “Set of attitudes and behaviors that cultivate competence and connection through positive, respectful and trustworthy relationships”

The Center has received National Recognition:

  • Appointed to the ABIM Professionalism Award Selection Committee, 2021
  • Awarded the 2020 AΩA Honor Medical Society Professionalism Award
  • Awarded the Norton Rose Fulbright Educational Grant, 2020
  • Selected as the Gold Humanism Society Keynote Speaker, 2018
  • Awarded the Josiah Macy Presidential Grant, 2017

About the Center


Since 2013, the Center for Professionalism has made a positive impact at Baylor College of Medicine through programs that maintain and enhance a culture of professionalism by establishing a respectful and consistent approach to accountability.  

The center was established to create a culture of civility, compassion and connection through professionalism. The center has taken steps to maintain a compassionate medical environment with involvement of each of its various schools on multiple affiliate campuses. In addition, an advisory committee called the Professionalism Partners has been formed to serve as mission leaders to spearhead activities across the College. While developing excellent resources for education and support in professionalism, the center has created the Power of Professionalism Award (POP) to recognize individuals who exemplify outstanding competence and proficiency.

The center has been recognized for their efforts, being awarded the Josiah Macy Foundation Presidential Grant to fund the creation of a workshop to address empathy and teamwork among physicians and healthcare workers and the 2020 AOA Medical Honor Society Professionalism Award for best practices in Medical Professionalism Education. Dr. Ellen Friedman, the inaugural center director, has also been the recipient of the 2021 AMA Foundation Award for Leadership in Medical Ethics and Professionalism.

Moving forward, the Center for Professionalism works to extend professionalism programs into the curriculum of all the College’s schools, as well as in faculty recruitment and new hire orientations.


Offerings by The Center for Professionalism


Education and Training

Item Definition
  • Profiles in Professionalism
  • Grand Rounds
  • Workshops and Retreats (customizable)
  • Professional Breakfasts
  • Student Elective (Professionalism Platform)

Creation of Community

Item Definition
  • Professionalism Partners
  • Summit Speaker
  • Muffins with Mentors
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Connection Cards

Validation of Professionalism

Item Definition
  • POP Awards
  • PEAR Awards
  • Clark Faculty Service Award
  • Ben and Margaret Love Foundation Bobby Alford Award

Interprofessional Teamwork

Item Definition
  • Interdepartmental Civility Projects
  • “Threads Among Us”


Item Definition
  • Mini grants
  • Interprofessional collaborations resulting in podium presentations and publications


Item Definition
  • Cups of Coffee
  • Consultations
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