Academic Excellence


Intellectual Wellness


Intellectual wellness focuses in creating opportunities that are mentally and creatively stimulating. These opportunities allow new learning opportunities not just inside the classroom, but outside as well. Intellectual wellness activities should expand your knowledge and expose you to new experiences and opportunities. These experiences allow you to learn, and reflect on new information that can be transferred to your professional and personal life. BCM and BCM LIFE ensure that you are experiencing intellectually rewarding opportunities inside and outside the classroom. 


Academic Success Center


The Academic Success Center provides academic support for all of the College’s educational programs. The ASC provides study spaces, and also offers academic workshops and individual support appointments with students, designed to improve their academic skills, such as study strategies, writing abilities, time management, goal setting, reading comprehension, and more.

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BCM LIFE offers a variety of webinars that focus on a variety of issues that impact the modern professional/grad student. Topics range from dealing with impostor syndrome, motivation, resilience in academia, and so much more. Interested in a topic? Let us know


WellConnect offers an abundant amount of remote opportunities that nurture your intellectual wellness. If you want to learn how to manage your time or want to learn some tips to avoid burnout, WellConnect has the resources for you. In addition, they also offer a variety of learning opportunities in a variety of different topics such as financial, legal, emotional/mental health, to name a few. 

Trainee Services

The Office of Education Affairs collaborates with all of Baylor College of Medicine’s education programs to provide the resources students need to promote academic excellence. These include:

Academic Success Center
Student Educational Technology Resources
Texas Medical Center Library
Academic Calendars
Education Affiliates
Center for Professionalism
Student Portal (CAMS) (Baylor login required)
Posters and Other Printing Needs (Baylor login required)
Information Technology (Baylor login required)
Student Disability Services
Career Development Center


Student Disability Services


For students that are experiencing academic and/or intellectual challenges and are interested in testing for a learning disability or accommodations, auxiliary aids and services for a previously documented learning disability, Student Disability Services ensures those needs are met in a timely and effective manner.

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Curriculum Catalogs


Baylor College of Medicine offers a wide variety of courses to provide the depth and breadth of learning our students need across all of our accredited, degree-granting programs.


Teamwork Skills for Career Success


All Baylor students are invited to participate in Team Launch. Join this innovative, interdisciplinary program to learn, implement and demonstrate team-based skills critical to career success in healthcare and science.