Launch Pad


What is Launch Pad?


Launch Pad is an innovative course designed to provide learners with in-depth exposure to and training in critical teamwork skills. The course provides learners with a foundational framework for participating as effective team members.

The course is based on active learning strategies and introduces participants to the essential foundations of teamwork. With faculty facilitators, students engage both in pre-work and competency-based activities to explore the characteristics of effective teams, based on the science of teamwork. Their acquisition of teamwork knowledge and skills is assessed through multi-level rubrics and instruments designed specifically for the course.

Participants who successfully complete Launch Pad will be able to:
• Articulate the characteristics of high-performing teams
• Apply acquired teamwork knowledge and skills to interprofessional team interactions
• Relate the value of teamwork skills and team science to professional development


Fall 2019: Launch Pad is Required for Graduation


In the fall of 2019, Launch Pad became a required course within all degree-granting programs of Baylor College of Medicine. While students who began their program prior to this requirement being enacted will not be required to take the course, they may still apply to take it.