Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Student Profile: Abdelhalim Othman

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Abdelhalim Othman

What type of research opportunities does the program offer? 
I am currently conducting research at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center in a lab that studies transgenic mice to determine how single genes can affect intracellular metabolism and whole-body glucose homeostasis. The project I am working on is studying the effect of a mutated folate receptor in the liver on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity. 

How does the program help you in the medical school application process? 
During our first term in the program, we took a class called Success Strategies for Healthcare Professionals. This class provided resources and a framework to reflect on our study habits and past experiences and create actionable goals for our time in the program. This pushed me to become a self-regulated learner and was pivotal in my success while taking rigorous coursework. MCAT prep materials significantly improved my MCAT score, and shadowing and research opportunities were available to help me become a more competitive applicant. Also, many medical school admissions officers were invited to speak with us about their school and what they look for in medical applicants. 

How do the faculty and staff serve as resources for you? 
The faculty and staff in the program have been very supportive and served as resources in many ways. Professors were experts in their fields who were responsive to questions and enthusiastically encouraged students to engage in course material. Staff provided us with resources to supplement our learning through community engagement projects and research symposiums. The Academic Success Center was also a great resource and they helped me immensely while I was revising and editing my medical school essays. 

What will you take away from this program? 
This program gave me the opportunity to adjust my academic approach and implement better study habits while tackling difficult coursework. I have also gained a larger understanding of the inequities that exist in the medical field and how these issues are being addressed by community organizations and through policy at the state and federal level. I am thankful for this program because it guided me in my personal growth as a learner and allowed me to meet and learn from likeminded individuals in my cohort.