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Student Profile: Sophie Schott

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Sophie Schott

What type of research opportunities does the program offer?
One of the reasons that I chose this program was because of my interest in doing bioethics research at the Baylor Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, where I currently work with Dr. Faith Fletcher on projects related to reproductive justice and maternal health. During the program, I also started working with one of our professors, Dr. Nidal Moukaddam, on her research related to substance use disorders.

How does the program help you in the medical school application process?
The biochemistry course at the beginning of the program really helped me prepare for the MCAT. I also loved getting the opportunity to shadow physicians in the Texas Medical Center, especially Dr. Eppes and the fabulous maternal-fetal medicine team at Ben Taub Hospital!

How do the faculty and staff serve as resources for you?
When some of my research was accepted for a presentation at the 7th Annual UTMB Reproductive Ethics Conference, our program director helped me to secure funding so I could attend and present my work. I am also so grateful for all of the wonderful people at the Academic Success and Career Development Center––during my time at Baylor, they have given me so much help and encouragement on everything from job searching to medical school application advice.

What will you take away from this program?
As I graduate from this program, I am especially grateful for my experiences in the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy and the Humanities Expression Arts Lab, the hub for arts and humanities education at Baylor. Through the HEAL Lab, I have been able to participate in narrative medicine classes and other arts and humanities events in the Texas Medical Center. This summer I’ll be working with Dr. Ricardo Nuila to lead a writing class for medical trainees interested in using narrative medicine for physician advocacy. As I begin my medical training, I appreciate the unique experiences that I’ve had at Baylor and how they have prepared me to be a better physician, researcher, and health equity advocate.