National School of Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine Seminar Series


2021-2022 Tropical Medicine Seminar Series


The National School of Tropical Medicine conducts a monthly seminar series to educate health scientists, health providers, and the public about tropical medicine, raise awareness of NTDs, facilitate local, national and international research collaboration in tropical medicine, and promote meaningful dialogues concerning public policy. For information

Sept. 27, 2021: Sean Riley, Ph.D.
Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Maryland

Oct. 25, 2021: Laura-Isobel McCall, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry, University of Oklahoma

Nov. 22, 2021: Eva Clark, M.D., Ph.D., CTropMed
Department of Medicine and Pediatrics, Section of Tropical 

Nov. 29, 2021: Catherine Flowers 
Founder and Director, Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice

Jan. 24, 2022: Shannon Ronca, Ph.D.
Department of Pediatrics, Section of Tropical Medicine, BCM

Feb. 28, 2022: Joshua Bast, MAJ, MS
Public Health Command-Central, Department of Defense

March 28, 2022: Heather Jordan, Ph.D.
Department of Biology, Mississippi State University

April 25, 2022: Sonja Best, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Virology, NIAID, NIH

May 30, 2022: Elise O’Connell, M.D.
Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases, Helminth Immunology 

June 27, 2022: Madhu Purushothaman, M.D.
Glanis Institute of Medical Sciences