Healthcare: Family Medicine

Nutrition Services


Health and nutrition services at Baylor Medicine are provided by a licensed registered dietitian. Services cover nutrition through the life cycle, as well as a number of medical conditions affected by diet, including:

  • Adult, childhood and adolescent nutrition
  • Maternal and infant nutrition
  • Weight control: underweight, overweight and obesity
  • Medical conditions: diabetes, lipid disorders, heart disease, kidney disease, GI disorders, disorders of the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas
  • Diet therapy for surgical conditions such as pre- and post-bariatric nutrition counseling
  • Food allergies
  • Sports nutrition counseling

Referrals and Appointments

Our nutritionist can receive referrals from Baylor and non-Baylor providers. Non-Baylor patients should bring recent pertinent lab work to the initial counseling session.

This service may need to be pre-approved by your insurance. Please ask your primary care provider to request authorization or referral.

Also, the Baylor Family Medicine nutritionist may be seen at a different location from that of your general Baylor Family Medicine physician.