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Friday, July 23


The rise in US Covid-19 hospitalizations is a self-inflicted wound, expert says
(This article appeared in multiple outlets)

New York Times
Should Vaccinated People Start Wearing Masks Again?
(This article appeared in multiple outlets)
Why Vaccinated People Are Getting ‘Breakthrough’ Infections
Scientists Finish the Human Genome at Last

Houston Chronicle
Tokyo Olympics: The show goes on
Dr. Peter Hotez: Delta variant 'like nothing we've seen before,' expect rise in hospitalizations
Hidalgo raises Harris County COVID threat level as delta variant rages, hospitalizations double

Younger people now make up more hospitalizations in Houston, doctors say

Dr. Hotez: 'Your luck is about to run out' if you're unvaccinated

Just How Worried Should I Be About the Delta Variant?

Video: Biden glad some conservatives now support COVID vaccines

Yahoo Finance
Coronavirus: ‘Defiance’ led to U.S. 600,000 deaths, physician says

Yahoo News
World leaders buck health experts on mixing COVID vaccines as fears over Delta variant grow
Keep calm and get vaccinated, Biden says of 'breakthrough' COVID cases

Houston Public Media
Harris County Raises COVID-19 Threat Level Amid Latest Surge In Hospitalizations

Houston Press
Hidalgo Asks Vaxxed to Re-Mask As Dr. Peter Hotez Says Most Folks In COVID Wards "Are There By Choice"

Eat This, Not That!
One Major Side Effect of Giving Up Dessert, Says Science

Rice University News & Media
Pathogens get comfy in designer goo

Philanthropy News Digest
SRB Charitable Corp. awards $10 million to Baylor College of Medicine

Powdersville Post
Those Premature Babies: Who Will Stand Up For Them?

Financial Express
Biological E to make up to 100m Corbevax vaccine doses a month, seeks nod for studies on children