Andy Groves Lab

Groves Lab Protocols


In Situ Hybridization
This document has protocols for in situs on cryosections, paraffin sections, whole mount embryos and cultured cells. It also has protocols for two color in situs.

X-gal Staining
This is our standard lab protocol. A great collection of tips and recipes for beta-galactosidase staining from Eric Mercer (a former postdoc in David Anderson's lab at Caltech) is archived here.

Dissecting the Newborn Mouse Cochlea
This protocol was written by Ronna Hertzano when she was a student in Karen Avraham's lab. She now has her own lab at the University of Maryland.

Dissecting Early Chick Tissue
This protocol describes how to enzymatically treat young chick embryos to aid dissection.

Immunostaining Protocol
This protocol describes the sectioning and staining of mouse tissue, but can also be used for chick tissue.

Cryosectioning Protocol
This protocol describes two methods for embedding embryos - gelatin and sucrose/OCT - and describes their advantages and disadvantages.

Collagen Gel Cultures
This protocol describes how to make collagen gels for culturing tissue fragments.

This is a cheaper (but slower) alternative to some of the commercially available maxiprep column protocols.

Groves Lab Stocks and Solutions
A list of recipes for the most common stocks and solutions used in the lab.