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Recent Publications


The following are some of the manuscripts published by CTRID investigators acknowledging their affiliation with our Center; there have been more than 160 publications to date:


Recent Extramural Awards


The following are some of the recently awarded and currently active extramural grants by CTRID investigators to which CTRID contributed, shown in descending chronological order of start date. Since inception our Center has contributed to the generation of new funding of over $45.5 million in total costs from 79 awarded grants.

• CMA: Pulmonary and Systemic Effects of Deployment Related Particulate Matter Exposures, VA-ORD BLR&D, Grant # I01BX004619, 10/01/2019-09/30/2023 (anticipated; in JIT), Kheradmand F

• Stratification of Pancreatic Cancer Subpopulations for Effective Immunotherapy, VA-ORD CSR&D, Grant # I01CX001822, 10/01/2019-09/30/2023 (anticipated; in JIT), Yao Q

• Testosterone Therapy and Bone Quality in Men with Diabetes and Hypogonadism, VA-ORD CSR&D, Grant # I01CX001665, 10/01/2019-09/30/2024, Villareal R

• Microvascular Thrombosis in Systemic Inflammation, NIH/NIGMS, Grant # R01GM112806, 07/01/2019-06/30/2023, Cruz MA (Contact PI), Nguyen TC (Co-PI), and Vijayan KV (Co-PI)

• Bacteriophage to Treat Multidrug-Resistant UTI in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury, VA-ORD RR&D, Grant # I01RX002595, 03/01/2019-02/28/2023, Trautner B

• Megalin, Mitochondrial Intracrine Signaling and the Kidney, VA-ORD BLR&D, Grant # I01BX002006, 01/01/2019-12/31/2022, Sheikh-Hamad D

• VA Field-Based Meeting: Links between Thrombosis and Inflammation-New Paradigms and Therapeutic Implications for Veterans, VA-ORD BLR&D, 01/01/2019-09/30/2019, Rumbaut R

• Request for High-Resolution Flow Cytometry (CytoFLEX LX Flow Cytometry System), VA-ORD BLR&D, Grant # IS1BX004798, 01/01/2019-09/30/2019, Rumbaut R

• Ocular Surface Injury: Inflammation Cascade and Healing of Corneal Wounds, NIH/NEI, Grant # R01EY018239, 12/01/2018-11/30/2020, Rumbaut R

• Mechanism and Function of Let-7, A Novel Modulator of Th17-Dependent Emphysema, NIH/NHLBI, Grant # R01HL140398, 09/01/2018-08/31/2023, Corry D (Contact PI) and Rodriguez A (Co-PI)

• Collaborative Research Training in Thrombosis and Inflammation, NIH/NHLBI, Grant # T32HL139425, 08/01/2018-07/31/2023, Rumbaut R (Contact PI) and Cruz A (Co-PI)

• Cytoskeleton and Platelet Clearance, NIH/NHLBI, Grant # R01HL139501, 08/01/2018-05/31/2022, Thiagarajan P

• Toxic Effects of Ecigs Following Transition from Conventional Cigarettes, NIH/NIEHS, Grant # R01ES029442, 08/01/2018-07/31/2021, Kheradmand F

• Innate and Acquired Immune Responses in Human COPD, VA-ORD CSR&D, Grant # I01CX000104, 07/01/2018-06/30/2022, Kheradmand F

• Fungal Pathogenesis of Moderate to Severe Asthma, NIH/NIAID, Grant # R01AI135803, 03/23/2018-02/28/2023, Corry D (Contact PI) and Kheradmand F (Co-PI)

• Aromatase Inhibitors and Weight Loss in Severely Obese Men with Hypogonadism, NIH/NICHD, Grant # R01DK114202, 08/07/2017-05/31/2022, Villareal R

• Sex Hormones and HCV-Related Liver Disease Progression, VA-ORD CSR&D, Grant # I01CX001430, 07/01/2017-06/30/2021, White D

• Does Lifestyle Intervention in Obese Older Adults Improve Bone Quality?, NIH/NIDDK, Grant # R01DK109950, 06/01/2017-05/31/2022, Villareal D

• Utilizing Soluble Vimentin and Its Components to Attenuate Inflammation, NIH/NIGMS, Grant # K08GM123261, 04/01/2017-03/31/2022, Lam F

• Role of Vimentin in Thrombosis and Stroke, NIH/NINDS, Grant # R01NS094280, 09/01/2016-05/31/2021, Cruz M

• Platelets and Microvascular Thrombosis in Inflammation, VA-ORD BLR&D, Grant # I01BX002551, 04/01/2016-03/31/2020, Rumbaut R

• Novel Carbon Nanoparticle Superoxide Dismutation Pathways, NIH/NINDS, Grant # R01NS094535, 09/01/2015-06/30/2020, Kent T

• Testosterone Replacement to Augment Lifestyle Therapy in Obese Older Veterans, VA-ORD CSR&D, Grant # I01CX000906, 01/01/2015-12/31/2019, Villareal D

• Aspirin-PC for Chemoprevention of Colorectal Cancer, NIH/NCI, Grant # R42CA171408, 05/01/2013-04/30/2020, Vijayan K (Sub-Award)