Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Resident Societies


The Baylor Pediatric Residency program created resident societies several years ago to create a smaller community of residents and faculty. Residents are assigned to one of our eight resident societies. Each society has three-four faculty who serve as coaches and have individual meetings with residents. Residents remain in the society throughout their training.


  • Blattner-Desmond
  • Clayton-Harrison
  • Feigin-Kirkland
  • Fernbach-Lifschitz
  • Rudolph-Hill
  • Steinkuller-Fishman
  • Wilfert
  • Yow-McNamara

Societies meet monthly to discuss topics on professionalism, career advancement, and recreational activities. In the past, societies have brought in guest speakers to provide desk yoga workshops, conducted fellowship panels, held CV boot camps, and lectured about financial management.