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Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Resident Spotlight - Adeolu “Funso” Oladunjoye, M.B.Ch.B, M.P.H

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Adeolu “Funso” Oladunjoye, M.B.Ch.B, M.P.H

What I’m interested in:

My interests in psychiatry are psychotherapy, addiction psychiatry especially in the younger age group, child, and adolescent psychiatry. And when I am not working, I love road trips and sightseeing.

How I’ve been developing at BCM and my favorite rotation:

The Baylor experience has morphed me into a better psychiatrist in the last couple of months of arriving here. Baylor was my top choice program during the application cycle, and I would make this choice over again. My favorite rotation so far is the psych ER at Ben Taub Hospital where I quickly grew in a short time to shouldering the responsibility of coordinating the psychiatry emergency services during my rotation.

Highlights of my training and why I picked BCM:

Diverse clinical sites and diversity of psychopathologies with its unique patient populations. Also, the obvious camaraderie that existed between residents, staff, and faculty when I interviewed nailed this choice for me.

My projects, tracks, or research: 

I have been working on several research projects both within and outside the program. I have been focusing on research work in addiction psychiatry looking at the different epidemiological aspects of substance use in the general population, especially in the younger population. I am currently working on a review paper on Internet use and Internet gaming activities among the adolescents pre- and during the COVID pandemic.