Department of Pediatrics

Research Labs


The Division of Cardiology in the Department of Pediatrics has four research labs: the John Welsh Cardiovascular Lab, the Phoebe Willingham Muzzy Pediatric Molecular Cardiology Lab, the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Core, and the Rusin Lab.

John Welsh Cardiovascular Lab

The focus of the John Welsh Cardiovascular Lab is studying the genetic basis of congenital heart disease, sudden cardiac death, heart muscle death (cardiomyopathies) and arrhythmias. This work has led to novel diagnostics performed in this CLIA/CAP-certified laboratory leading to new clinical treatments.

Phoebe Willingham Muzzy Pediatric Molecular Cardiology Lab

The focus of the Phoebe Willingham Muzzy Pediatric Molecular Cardiology Lab is the identification of the underlying causes of heart muscle disease and congenital heart disease. Additionally, we are involved in the  translation of these discoveries to the care of children with heart disease through our clinical services at the Texas Children's Heart Center and through the John Welsh Cardiovascular Diagnostic Laboratory.

Cardiovascular Clinical Research Core

The Cardiovascular Clinical Research Core provides the resources and infrastructure needed to conduct exceptional clinical research. Our experienced research staff is specially trained to perform clinical research procedures and work with investigators. This support allows Cardiology faculty to develop and implement clinical research protocols; identify and seek intra- and extramural research funding; and participate in multi-center clinical trials.

Rusin Lab

The Rusin Lab is currently studying critical deterioration in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and related lesions. Our goal is to create a new metric which forecasts the likelihood of a deterioration event in this population within the next 1-2 hours, allowing time for early interventions to be applied. This research is funded in part by the Pediatric Heart Network, of which Texas Children's Hospital is a member and a core site.