Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Rotations and Call Coverage




The first year is primarily clinical; first-year fellows rotate through diabetes inpatient, Endocrine inpatient and outpatient services. They also attend continuity clinic regularly. Second and third-years are geared toward scholarly activity. Most fellows choose a research opportunity. Our second- and third-year fellows attend continuity clinic weekly and provide weekend call coverage. In the third year, the senior fellow will serve four weeks as a junior attending to prepare for the transition to faculty or other postgraduate position.

All fellows attend Thursday afternoon Case Conference, Journal Club, Research Conference and Friday Fellows Curriculum.

There is no in-house call. First-year fellows divide call responsibilities during the week. All fellows share coverage of weekends and holidays. The attending is always available and on call with the fellow. Pediatric residents provide in house coverage with our supervision.

The inpatient diabetes fellow is in charge of the hospital service for our Diabetes Center, Inpatient Endocrine fellow sees patients with other endocrine issues. The consult fellow assists the inpatient fellow in seeing patients and running the team. The fellows and faculty member on service are responsible for the care of patients admitted to our service and provide consult services to Texas Children’s Hospital. The fellows and faculty member also provide education to residents and medical students on our team.

In the outpatient clinic, first-year fellows see patients with a faculty member; a wide variety of pathology is seen in this setting. All fellows attend continuity clinic and have their own panel of patients; as the years progress we expect increasing independence and competency in management of these patients. A faculty member will staff all patients in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

In the third year, the senior fellow will have two two-week rotations as junior attending. This increase in responsibility is designed to prepare the soon-to-graduate fellow for the attending role.

Community rotation: Routinely, our fellows are not asked to rotate through off-campus sites. Fellows who choose to enter our clinical track will do a two-month rotation at our West Campus in Katy, Texas. This will offer them the opportunity to provide inpatient and outpatient service in a smaller hospital setting, which is applicable to many other national job opportunities.


Call Coverage


First-year fellows take one-two calls per weeknight (Monday through Thursday) and no more than one-weekend call per month. Parent calls are covered by a certified diabetic educator from 5-9 p.m. on weekdays (Monday through Friday). Second-year fellows have less than three weeks of inpatient service and take occasional weekend calls. Third-year fellows do six weeks of inpatient service, four of which are as acting attendings, and occasional weekend call.