Department of Pediatrics

Resident Voices


A Day in the Life as an Intern


Ever wonder what a typical day would look like as an intern? See a first-hand account written by Dr.'s Teddy Jones, Frances Lee, and Monee Mickens.


From Our Residents to You


In our Annual House Staff Evaluation, residents were asked to discuss several aspects of the residency program. Here is what some had to say:

• "I have had the opportunity to cover a wide variety of patients and not only increase my knowledge on different diseases, but also increase my confidence in formulating plans and managing complicated patients."

• "The volume of patients we see allows one to become comfortable with the treatment and approach to various disease processes."

• "I consider myself lucky to be a part of this program, not just because of the education and opportunities it provides, but also because of the support and the inspiration I feel from co-residents, fellows, attendings, and program staff and leadership."

• "The faculty are all great to work with and [we] have the opportunity to formulate a plan on [our] own. Lots of teaching time."

• "[We have] support to do research in areas where we have specific interests."


Summer Safety


Find out how our residents are helping keep kids in the Houston community safe.