Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Educational Scholarship


Fellows complete a quality improvement and an educational project. Development and execution of the projects are done under the close supervision of faculty with expertise in research and education. Fellows are encouraged to present their findings to faculty and at conferences.

List of Projects

Educational/Research Scholarship Projects

  • Saima Aslam, M.D. (2013-2014):  Instruction of Montreal Cognitive Assessment to inpatient nursing staff that included bedside administration demonstration and observation
  • Aaron Short, M.D. (2015-2016): Presentation of seminars for neuropsychology case conference, PGY I residents (normal aging), and PGY II residents (polypharmacy)
  • Melissa Sanchez, M.D. (2018-2019):  Book chapter: Kraus-Schumann C, Sanchez M, Benson K, Asghar-Ali AA, “Psychotherapy and Cognitive Disorders” In Psychotherapy for Late Life Psychiatric Disorders (Editors: Rajesh  Tampi,  Brandon  Yarns,  Kristina  Zdanys, Deena  Tampi). Cambridge University Press. Cambridge University Press, 2020: 139-149.

Quality Improvement Projects

  • Saima Aslam, M.D. (2013-2014):  Measurement of follow-up of community referrals provided by geriatric psychiatrists. Dr. Alam compared the rate of follow-up for community resources by caregivers between those provided informational flyers and those who were provided the information verbally but not provided the flyers.
  • Aaron Short, M.D. (2015-2016): Implemented a protocol to minimize benzodiazepine prescriptions in older adults using the VHA Psychotropic Drug Safety Initiative.
  • Melissa Sanchez, M.D. (2018-2019):  Instructed outpatient staff on appropriate measurement for orthostasis. Then collected pilot data that provided incidence of orthostasis in the geriatric mental health clinic. Conducted educational sessions for nurses and prescribers based on findings.