Past Showcase Finalists


2022 Showcase Finalists



“A Multimodal Workshop Training for Students on Utilization of Interpretation Services” by Adedoyin Adesina, M.D., Benjamin Solder, Lorece Harris, Karena Kett, Daniela Ortiz, M.D., Navdeep Sekhon, M.D., Tyson Pillow, M.D.

“High Yield Huddle: Development of a Real Time Resident Didactic Peripartum Curriculum” by Molly L. Singer, M.D., Leah W. Antoniewicz, M.D.

“Promoting Resident Leadership and Faculty Mentorship in Obstetrics & Gynecology” by Bani M. Ratan, M.D., Jocelyn Greely, M.D., Charlie C. Kilpatrick, M.D., M.Ed.


“Highlighting the Diversity of Pediatric Rheumatic Disease” by Angela Chun, M.D., Maria Pereira, M.D., Miriah Gillespie-Taylor, M.D., Eyal Muscal, M.D., Marietta De Guzman, M.D., Andrea Ramirez, M.D., M.Ed. 

“Antiracism Training through Narrative Medicine: A Pilot Intervention for Medical Students” by Amy Engler, M.D., Navya Kumar, B.A., Nital Appelbaum, Ph.D., Reginald, Toussant, Jr., M.Ed., Achilia Morrow, M.D., Lee Poythress, M.D., Stacey Rose, M.D.

“Pilot Study of a Wellness Initiative in the Internal Medicine Core Clerkship” by Alyssa Kahl, M.D., Lindsey Gay, M.D., Andrew Caruso, M.D.

“Medical Jargon: The Unseen Barrier in Patient Care” by Sarah Samuel, B.S., Anmol Gupta, B.A., Aditi Gupta, D.O., Margaret Wood, M.D., M.P.H., Katie Budolfson, M.D., M.P.H.

“Evaluation of a Novel Infectious Disease Curriculum in the Harris County Jail Re-entry Program” by Eileen Williams, McKenna Gessner, Nathaniel Grey Lloyd, Justin Kahla, Marc Robinson, M.D.


2021 Showcase Finalists


The 2021 Showcase of Educational Scholarship was held virtually.


“STEM+M Readiness through an Academic Coaching Ecosystem Model for Metacognition Development: Success, Lessons Learned and Theory of Action” by Beatriz Perez-Sweeney, Ph.D.; Alana Newell, Ph.D.; Aisha DesLandes

“Holistic Admissions: Becoming Part of the Whole Picture” by Elissa Love, MS, PA-C; Kathleen Thompson, MPAS, PA-C; Elizabeth Elliott, MS, PA-C


“Implementation of a Virtual Skin Cancer and Melanoma Education Program in Middle and High Schools in Texas” by Dina Zamil, BS; Shangyi Fu, BS; Emily Powell, M.D.; Zeena Nawas, M.D.; Ida Orengo, M.D.

“Provider Education on Public Benefits for U.S. Citizen Children in Immigrant Families” by Mariana Carretero-Murillo, BS; Callie Fisher, BS;  Shayan Bhathena, BS; Adam Floyd, BS; Lorin Crear, BS; Yesenya Gonzalez, BS; Erica Valdez, BS; Maria Vigil-Mallete, BS; Victoria Xie, BS; Anjali Aggarwal, M.D.


2020 Showcase Finalists


The 2020 Showcase of Educational Scholarship was held virtually.


An Online Course to Optimize UC Provider Antimicrobial Use for Pediatric Upper Respiratory Infections
Lindsay Cameron, M.D., M.P.H.; Satid Thammasitboon, M.D., M.P.H.E.; K. Kumar; Terry Yen, M.D.; Luis Ostrosky; D. Palazzi, M.D., M.Ed.

Impact of a teaching service on patient outcomes and costs at a community hospital
Andrea Dean, M.D.; Geeta Singhal, M.D., M.Ed.; Elizabeth Halvorson, M.D., M.S.; Kathryn Ban, M.D.; Gregory Russell, M.S.; Joyee Vachani, M.D., M.Ed.; John Darby, M.D.

Correlation Between Empathy and Knowledge: How an Educational Film-Documentary on Homelessness Positively Impacts Learners’ Perceptions
Fabrizia Faustinella, M.D., P.H.D., FACP

A case-based approach to improve the quality of resident event reporting
Molly Horstman, M.D., M.S.; Monica Arnell, M.D.; Rosemary Pfaff, B.S.; Cecilia Cai, M.D.; Kristen Staggers, M.S.; Xiaofan Huang, M.S.; Lindsay Vaclavik, M.D.


Understanding the Dynamic Between Senior Residents and Fellows on Pediatric Hospital Medicine Teams: a Qualitative Study
Gal Barak, M.D.; Andrea Dean, M.D.; Heather Haq, M.D., M.H.S.; Geeta Singhal, M.D., M.Ed.

A High Need and High Impact Educational Session on Firearms and Death by Suicide
Rebecca Chen, B.A.; Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D.; Andrew Moon; PsyD; Ali Abbas Asghar-Ali, M.D.

A Novel Student-Directed Service Learning Program for Social Determinants of Health Education
Christopher Wong, B.A.; Pauline Berens; Dylan Fall; Manvitha Katta; Margaret Lie; Alay Shah; Catherine Wu

More Than Milestones – The Data Residents Want Versus What They Get
Julian Yarahuan, M.D.; Huay-ying Lo, M.D.; Lanessa Bass, M.D.; Alejandro Siller, M.D.; Lauren Hess, M.Ed., M.D.


2019 Showcase Finalists



A Data Mining Framework for Improving Student Outcomes on Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination
Jimmy Clark, Ph.D.

Just Dance! Teaching Clinical Reasoning Using Innovative Teaching Methods
Jenelle Little, M.D.; Soo Kim, M.D.; Stephen Tinguely, M.D.

Take a Deep Breath: Assessing Pediatric Resident Interest in Learning Mindfulness Strategies to Use with Pediatrics Patients
Sonia Monteiro, M.D.; Jennifer Cervantes, L.M.S.W.; Dinah Godwin, L.C.S.W.; Kathryn Ostermaier, M.D.; Robert Voigt, M.D.

Using Electronic Messages to Improve Transmission of Hospital Updates & Initiatives in a High-Acuity Residency Program
Nathan Nowalk, M.D.; June Pickett, M.D.; Prathit Kulkarni, M.D.


Assessment of Clinical Learning environment on a General Inpatient Pediatric Team
Gal Barak, M.D.; Shelley Kumar, M.S.; Geeta Singhal, M.D., M.Ed.

Creation and Validation of the Learning Environment Assessment Framework (LEAF) Tool: Assessing Psychological Safety in a Group Learning Setting
Cristina Welch, M.D.; Melissa Carbajal, M.D.; Shelley Kumar, M.D.; Satid Thammasitboon, M.D.; M.P.H.E.

A Multifaceted Research Engagement Program Improved General Surgery Resident's Academic Productivity
William Frankel; Bradford Scott, M.D.; Nader Massarweh, M.D.; Eric Silberfein, M.D.; Qianzi Zhang, M.D.; Todd Rosengart, M.D.; Scott LeMaire, M.D.; Barbara Trautner, M.D.

Leadership Training for Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents, A Multi-Institutional Needs Assessment
Grace Johnson, M.D.; Emily Woodbury, M.D.; Tirsit Asfaw, M.D.; Eve Zaritsky, M.D.; Charles Kilpatrick, M.D., M.Ed.; Bani Ratan, M.D.


2018 Showcase Finalists


An Application of the Design-Based Research Model to Create a Mastery Learning Module for Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Kyle Brown, M.D.; Alan Riley, M.D.; Kiyetta, Alade, M.D.; Buck Kyle, M.D.; Hossein Tcharmtchi, M.D.; Danny Castro, D.O.; Satid Thammasitboon, M.D., M.H.P.E.; TCH POCUS Collaborative

Development and Implementation of a Patient Safety and QI Workshop for Senior Anesthesiology Residents Julia Chen, M.D.; Mary Feldberg, M.D.; Imelda Tjia, M.D.

Effect of Cognitive Load of Learners During Resuscitation Training – A Comparison of Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice and Traditional Reflective Debriefing Daniel Lemke, M.D.; Kaitlin Williamson, M.D.; Ann Young, M.D.; Sharon Kook, M.D.; Nadia Villareal, R.N.; Marideth Rus, M.D.; Cara Doughty, M.D.

The Development of a Theory-Informed Assessment of Reasoning Tool (ART) Satid Thammasitboon, M.D., M.H.P.E.; Moushumi Sur, M.D.; Gurpreet Dhaliwal, M.D.; Andrew Olsen, M.D.; Robert Trowbridge, M.D.; Joseph Rencic, M.D.; Suresh Sundram, Ph.D.; Partha Krishnamurthy, Ph.D.


2017 Showcase Finalists


Psychometric Development and Validation of a Tool for Pediatric Patient Caregivers to Provide Feedback about Emergency Physician Interpersonal and Communication Skills Deborah Hsu, M.D., M.Ed.; Katherine Leaming-Van Zandt, M.D.; Eric Russell, M.D.; Karina Soto-Ruiz, M.D.; Shelley Kumar, M.S.

Evaluation of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous (USGPIV) Cannulation by Pediatric Emergency Department Nurses Stephanie Leung M.D.; Y. Colorado R.N.; Corrie E Chumpitazi M.D.; Kiyetta Hanan Alade M.D.

In the End it Does Matter: Assessment of End of Life Care Communication Skills in Medical Students Kevin Chiou; Brandon Ho; Andrew Caruso M.D.

Improving Transitions of Care: Implementing a Training Program for Incoming Interns Erica Lescinskas M.D.; Diana Stewart M.D.; Chirayu Shah M.D., M.Ed.

Effect of Time-Compressed Playback of Audio Lectures on Learning and Retention: A Pilot Study Zaven Sargsyan M.D.; Thien-Bao Peter Nguyen; Shradha Kulkarni M.D.; Dana Larsen M.D.

Development and Implementation of a Pediatric Rheumatology Curriculum for the Pediatric Resident Miriah Gillispie M.D.; Amanda Brown