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Baylor Medicine’s Center for Ambulatory Surgery Therapeutics (CfAST) is now a benefit all Baylor Medicine providers can take advantage of. CfAST is a boutique-style multispecialty surgical center aiming to provide personalized outpatient care for same-day surgical procedures. Our services currently range from specialties such as plastic, endocrine, breast, and vascular surgery, to urology and more. 
CfAST offers an array of advantages to both the provider and the patient. With reduced out-of-pocket fees, convenient billing, minimal wait times for all patients, convenient & consistent same staff interactions, we aim to provide a seamless surgical experience. Our facility includes patient intake rooms, state-of-the-art procedure rooms, and recovery spaces. As a provider using the CfAST clinic we can guarantee you see more patients, provide better care, and increase quality outcomes with one less trip to the hospital. To ensure the best patient care, our staff includes board-certified surgeons, registered nurses, and radiation techs, all trained to provide individual care based on each provider. 
The CfAST clinic is designed exclusively for outpatient procedures utilizing moderate sedation and local anesthesia, we ensure all equipment based on your procedure and provider will be available. We aim to have your procedure ready to perform 4-6 weeks after signing up. This allows time for the Quality & Safety Committee to approve the scope of services, as well as for us to obtain any necessary equipment or training for new procedures.
To get started please fill out the form and our trained staff will be in contact with you, within 24 - 48 hours. 

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