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Jejunostomy Feeding Tube

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A jejunostomy feeding tube will allow you to receive proper nutrition.

Many patients who are diagnosed with esophageal cancer have lost a significant amount of weight because the tumor has blocked the passage of food from the mouth to the stomach, and also because chemicals released by cancer cells can affect your appetite. Usually, this improves as you undergo chemotherapy (with or without radiation therapy).

Some patients that have lost too much weight can benefit from a temporary feeding tube.

A feeding tube is small, about the size of a laptop computer power cord. It is placed laparoscopically through the left side of your abdomen and into the first portion of your small intestine.

The feeding tube can be used to provide nourishment at night so you’ll be free during the daytime to eat and to move around easily. It is stitched to your skin, so it is easily removed in the doctor’s office when you no longer need it. The incision through which the tube is inserted usually closes up quickly after the tube is removed.

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