Chenghang Zong

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Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics

Appointed McNair Scholar August 2013

Zong joined Baylor in 2013, bringing with him expertise in single cell analyses for tumorigenesis and stem cell differentiation as well as a background in the interface between novel single cell technologies and quantitative biology. His lab focuses on pancreatic cancer in particular but his work has wide application to tumor-related research.

His lab examines the genome at single cell resolution, in contrast to the genome averaged from an ensemble of cells. He and his colleagues will study genomic variations between individual cancer cells, working to detect early events that drive tumorigenesis as well as the early stage of tumor heterogeneity that will influence later tumor development. In addition to the genome, his research interests also include developing novel methods for single cell transcriptional and epigenetic profiling to capture the development in action, particularly adult stem cell differentiation. He will also actively pursue clinical applications of single cell technologies, including prenatal genetic testing as well as early cancer diagnosis. See profile.

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