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Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy

Health Policy Pathway Alumni




2023 Health Policy Pathway Graduates

  • Divya Chilukuri
  • Caroline Christmann
  • Olivia Hindera
  • Fernando Padilla
  • Avilasha Sinha
  • Emily Xiao

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2023 Graduates - Dual Medical Ethics and Health Policy Pathways

  • Diana Bueso-Mendoza
  • Rebecca Chen
  • Bryan Grigg
  • Andrea Grimbergen
  • Anveet Janwadkar

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Health Policy Pathway Graduates

  • Brittan Armstrong, M.D.
  • Elliot Baerman, M.D.
  • Louisa Liu, M.D.
  • Sean Liu, M.D.
  • Savannah Savadel, M.D.
  • Jeffrey Wang, M.D.

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2022 Dual Medical Ethics and Health Policy Pathway Graduates

  • Rohit Gupta, M.D.
  • Trevor Hadley, M.D.
  • Geordyn Hoge, M.D.
  • Rishabh Kothari, M.D.
  • Cody Miller Pyke, M.D.

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2021 Health Policy Pathway Graduates


Project Title


Jose Dominguez

Undocumented Immigrants and the COVID-19 Vaccine: Strategies for Vaccinating and Underserved Community

Cambridge Health Alliance
Cambridge. MA

Jonathan Go

Dissecting drug pricing:  Supply chain, market, and nonmarket trends impacting clinical dermatology

Deferring Residency

Allen Hu

A Recommendation for Data Structure Standards to Improve Data Sharing Between Electronic Health Records

Internal Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Tahir Malik

The Data-Oriented Challenges Facing Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology in Resource-Limited Settings

Internal Medicine
New York University
New York City, NY

 Matthew Meyer

Values Guide Strategy for Texas Child
Telemedicine Program

John Peter Smith Hospital
Ft. Worth, TX

Kelly Payne

Online Men's Health Platforms:  The Possibilities and Perils of Medicine on Demand

Mayo Clinic
Rochester,  MN

Anna Poliner

Telemedicine in Dermatology:  The Current Regulatory Environment and a Way Forward

Internal Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX


Mary Taylor Winsten

Insurance Coverage Options for Low-Income Women During Pregnancy in Texas

MedStar Health - Georgetown
Washington, DC