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Translational Research Institute for Space Health Career Development


TRISH Postdoctoral Fellowship


TRISH’s postdoctoral fellowship program supports early career scientists pursuing research with the potential to reduce the health risks associated with spaceflight and improve performance. Selected fellows will participate in TRISH’s Academy of Bioastronautics, a mentorship community for space health professionals, and receive a two-year salary stipend. The Institute views its postdoctoral fellowship as a tool to develop the next generation of space biomedical researchers.

“TRISH is a launch pad for exceptional postdoctoral fellows investigating new ways to protect human health,” said TRISH's Rachael Dempsey. “Space health science leads to innovations that help humans thrive, wherever they explore. Our institute is committed to building a diverse and engaged workforce prepared for humanity’s future in space.”


TRISH Academy of Bioastronautics


As a TRISH postdoctoral fellow or in a TRISH-funded lab, postdocs are invited to participate in the TRISH Academy of Bioastronautics. The Academy of Bioastronautics offers a mentorship community for space health professionals where they may discuss career development, practice presentations, and connect with others in the field. 


The Academy of Bioastronautics

Item Definition

TRISH’s virtual Academy of Bioastronautics provides scientific and practical mentorship and guidance to TRISH's postdoctoral fellows - and all postdocs working on TRISH-funded projects.