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TRISH announces selection for SHIP solicitation
May 9 – TRISH announced its first selection for the Space Health Ingress Program (SHIP) solicitation. Read the release.


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TRISH In the News - 2024


What would happen to a dead body in space? 
Feb. 17 - TRISH chief engineer Jimmy Wu tells Live Science all the details of what would happen to a body in space in the dangerous environment space provides. 

Q&A: Solving astronauts’ health challenges in deep space could have payoffs on Earth
Feb. 16 - STAT asked and TRISH executive director Dr. Dorit Donoviel answered. In this Q&A session, explore the risks of deep space travel, the research aimed to address them, and the ways in which their findings can help humans on and off the planet.

The ‘Wild West’ of space research 
Feb. 1 - How will the new wave of commercial spaceflight affect the rigor and quality of scientific research in space? In this article, TRISH Executive Director Dorit Donoviel talks with Aerospace America about the need for guidelines that ensure safe and ethical research in space health.  

Space health advancement reaches beyond borders 
Jan. 30 - TRISH communications fellow Esha Raut spotlights three of Baylor College of Space Medicine’s international partners in this blog about the importance of international collaboration in space health.  

New effort seeks to study health issues for private astronauts 
Jan. 26 - In this SpaceNews article discussing various studies on the health of private astronauts, TRISH Chief Scientific Officer Jennifer Fogarty emphasizes the importance of understanding the impact space travel has on women’s health. 

Countdown continues for SpaceX mission headed to the International Space Station 
Jan. 17 - Ahead of Axiom Space’s third mission to the International Space Station, TRISH Chief Medical Officer Emmanuel Urquieta sits down with NPR to discuss the changes astronauts experience before, during and after their time in space. 

Space travel taxes astronauts’ brains. But microbes on the menu could help in unexpected ways 
Jan. 16 - How do we level up astronaut food to better support humans on the long trip to Mars? TRISH Executive Director Dr. Dorit Donoviel co-authors this piece fo The Conversation on the challenges of getting to Mars, the relationship between diet and mental health, and the importance of microbes in maintaining the well-being of our astronauts.  


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