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2023 TRISH Postdoctoral Fellowship

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TRISH recently announced a fellowship opportunity for postdoctoral scientists tackling the health challenges of deep space exploration.
TRISH’s postdoctoral fellowship program supports early career scientists pursuing research with the potential to reduce the health risks associated with spaceflight and improve performance. Selected fellows will receive a two-year salary stipend and participate in TRISH’s Academy of Bioastronautics.
Proposers should anticipate starting their project by December 2023. Applicants must submit research proposals together with an identified mentor and institution. Funds to support the research must be supplied by the mentor. Independent investigators with existing research grant support may request to be listed as possible mentors for this program by contacting Jean De La Croix Ndong at

TRISH encourages diverse candidates and underrepresented groups to participate in this research solicitation. Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges and Universities and small businesses and organizations owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals or women are particularly encouraged to participate in proposals as lead institution or co-institutions.
Full proposals submitted through NSPIRES will be due on Jan. 26, 2023.

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Catalyst Proposals


Catalyst Proposals are unsolicited grants that may be submitted at any time. This funding vehicle is best suited for pilot or proof-of-principle projects with a small amount of funding and a short duration.

**TRISH is currently considering Catalyst applications for funding. TRISH research priorities for the Catalyst Program are forthcoming and expected to be released in February 2023. No proposals will be reviewed prior to the release of research priorities.** 

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Schedule: Unsolicited or directed. Submit any time.
Annual Funding Amount: Generally less than $100,000 but can be up to $350,000
Duration: Up to two years
Review: Programmatic relevance and external scientific peer reviews. Reviewed as received.


BRASH 2023


TRISH will NOT be releasing a BRASH solicitation in fiscal year 2023. Please subscribe to our newsletter for future funding opportunities or webinars

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International Collaborations


As a federally funded institute, TRISH supports research projects led by investigators currently at U.S.-based institutions. However, to foster an environment for collaboration, TRISH encourages international investigators and organizations to connect by adding themselves to our Researchers Open to Collaboration.xlsx. There, you can find potential collaborators as well as add your name, institution and contact information for other potential collaborations with the wider space biomedical community.