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Zenir MC, López-Pozo M, Polutchko SK, Stewart JJ, Adams WW, Escobar A, et al. Productivity and Nutrient Quality of Lemna minor as Affected by Microbiome, CO2 Level, and Nutrient Supply. Stresses. 2023;3(1):69-85. DOI

Buettmann EG, Yoneda S, Hu P, McKenzie JA, Silva MJ. Postnatal Osterix but not DMP1 lineage cells significantly contribute to intramembranous ossification in three preclinical models of bone injury. Frontiers in Physiology. 2023;13. DOI

Midani FS, David LA. Tracking defined microbial communities by multicolor flow cytometry reveals tradeoffs between productivity and diversity. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2023;13. DOI

Macaulay TR, Wood SJ, Bollinger A, Schubert MC, Shelhamer M, Bishop MO, et al. Comparison of Asymmetry between Perceptual, Ocular, and Postural Vestibular Screening Tests. Brain Sciences. 2023;13(2):189. DOI


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