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TRISH Orbit Rendezvous meetings are hosted via Zoom. Each meeting is free to attend and open to the public.

TOR is currently on summer break.

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Previous TOR Recordings


Charting a Course for Ethical Health Research in Space

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Dr. Amy McQuire moderates the discussion with Dr. Dorit Donoviel, Dr. Jennifer Fogarty and Vasiliki Rahimzadeh.

Innovating Toward Stellar Solutions: TRISH Research Priorities

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Learn more about TRISH research priorities with panelists TRISH chief scientific officer Dr. Jennifer Fogarty, chief medical officer Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta and chief engineer Jimmy Wu, moderated by TRISH deputy chief scientific officer Dr. Rihana Bokhari.

The Researcher's Guide to EXPAND

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TRISH dep. chief scientific officer Dr. Rihana Bokhari moderates the conversation with panelists: TRISH senior biomedical engineer Jimmy Wu, EXPAND MESH Protocol PI Dr. Eric Bershad, TrialX CEO Sharib Khan, BCM Human Genome Sequencing Center associate professor and director of technology development Dr. Harsha Doddapaneni.

Launching Your Space Health Career

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TRISH's Catherine Domingo, PMP leads the discussion with Drs. Jennifer Fogarty, Rihana Bokhari, Emmanuel Urquieta, and Jeffrey Willey.

Plant SynBio for Space

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Dr. Steve Mayo, TRISH lead scientist, Bren professor of biology and chemistry, and Merkin Institute professor at Caltech, leads the discussion with Dr. Karen McDonald, a professor Emerita of Chemical Engineering at UC Davis. 

Applying Emerging Behavioral Health Technologies for Space Exploration

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TRISH lead scientist Dr. Gary Strangman, Massachusetts General Hospital, leads the discussion with neuroscientist and medical technology entrepreneur, Dr. Walter Greenleaf, Stanford University. 

Space Health Research in Commercial Spaceflight

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Microgravity Research Chief Scientist Dr. Lucie Low, Axiom Space

Behavioral Health in Space: Research and Operations

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TRISH lead scientist Dr. Gary Strangman leads the discussion with senior operational psychologist at NASA Johnson Space Center, Dr. Jim Picano, and deputy element scientist with NASA Human Factors and Behavioral Performance, Dr. Alexandra Whitmire.

Launching DEIA in Space Health Research

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TRISH diversity program lead Catherine Domingo, PMP, leads the discussion with TRISH diversity partner principal investigators Dr. Kristina Henry Collins (SHIP) and Dr. Rachael Seidler (B-SURE).

Where Are All The Postdocs?

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Dr. Belen Hurle (National Institutes of Health) moderates the discussion with Dr. Roland J. Thorpe, Jr. (Johns Hopkins University) and Dr. Jeffrey Willey (Wake Forest University).

Investing in Space Health

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Alasdair Thong, Selvedge Venture