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Volume 1; 2023

  • Parental Struggles Surrounding Care Of Children With Obesity
  • Ensuring Your Child’s Packed Lunch Is A Balanced Meal
  • Serendipitous Finding May Give Plants An Edge Against Flooding

Volume 1; 2022

  • Healthier Sleep Habits Could Be the Key to Reducing Your Child’s Summer Weight Gain
  • Multisite Pain Among Children with Chronic Abdominal Pain Disorders
  • Overactive Brain Circuit Causes Anorexia in Animal Model
  • Family-focused Obesity Prevention Program Targets Hispanic Parents and Children

Volume 1; 2021

  • 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Obesity prevention among Hispanic fathers and children
  • Study examines link between sleep and obesity in children

Volume 2; 2020

  • Understanding Children’s Growth Patterns During The School Year And Summertime
  • Scientists Create ‘Epigenetic Couch Potato’ Mouse
  • The Role Of Parental Perception Of Child’s Weight

Volume 1; 2020 

  • Shaping Your Child’s Eating Habits
  • Study Highlights Importance of Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition
  • DNA Could Help Diagnose Birth Defects Caused by Maternal Diabetes

Volume 2; 2019

  • Researchers Examine Obstacles To, And Motivation For, Physical Activity Among Adults And Children
  • Study Helps Determine Best Feeding Method For Low-birth Weight Newborns
  • Study: Adding Milk Powder To A School Meal Increases Cognitive Test Scores In Ghanaian Children

Volume 1; 2019

  • Study Digs Deeper In To Mobile Health To Help Prevent Obesity
  • Regulating Asprosin Levels Might Help Control Appetite, Weight
  • Iron Deficiency Study

Volume 2; 2018

  • Research Offers Information On Role Vitamin D Plays In Type 2 Diabetes
  • Noninvasive Device To Estimate Fruit And Veggie Intake Can Be Important Research Tool
  • Study Shows That Parents Use Many Strategies To Encourage And Discourage Their Children's Physical Activity

Volume 1; 2018

  • Study Examines Association Between Sleep And Weight In U.S. Preschoolers
  • A Tale Of Two Fats
  • Researchers Work On Developing Tomatoes That Withstand Harsh Conditions
  • Peer Mentors Can Effectively Enhance School-based Obesity Intervention