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Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas


We are pleased to announce that there will be 2 clinical training slots supported by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas beginning July 1, 2020. These slots are not restricted to Permanent US Residents or Citizens.  Underrepresented and physically challenged trainees also are encouraged to apply.  Preference will be given to clinical fellows who are not eligible for support from other training grants and who meet the following requirements: 

Please Read This Entire Announcement Carefully and Follow All Instructions

1. M.D. Fellows must work in a laboratory of a member of the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center.  PI’s should choose only one clinical applicant from their laboratories, and not submit multiple applications.

2. M.D. fellows will be selected based on their previous academic records, research experience and long term career plans in academic medicine. 

3. All trainees will have to submit a half-page maximum (Arial 11 font, single space) outline of their project for review as a single PDF file.  In this order: Include the title, the overall objective, hypothesis, brief specific aims and significance for cancer research, as well as a copy of an updated Biosketch using the updated NIH format that includes any fellowships for which you have applied, plus the updated NIH Biosketch of your mentor, along with the mentor’s research support and list of pre and postdoc trainees, past and present during the last five years.  Please follow the instructions carefully.

All trainees will be expected to submit yearly progress reports and to present either a poster or give a platform presentation at the annual Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center Symposium. All trainees will also be required to complete training in the Responsible Conduct of Research.

If you have not already taken these courses (or comparable course as a graduate student) for credit, CPRIT trainees will be expected to audit or take for credit both Introduction to Molecular Carcinogenesis (Yi Li) and Biostatistics for Translational Researchers (Hilsenbeck). 

Clinical fellows’ stipends will be based on the 2015 NRSA level at 5 years of experience.   Any amount over what is awarded, mentors will have to supplement from other sources. The duration of funding will depend on research progress.

All applications should be sent as a single PDF file to adaniels@bcm.edu and jrosen@bcm.edu.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2020
Review of Application: March 15, 2020
Start Date: July 1, 2020


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The American Cancer Society awards research grants and fellowships to promising early-career scientists with unique hypotheses for cancer prevention and study, fostering the next generation of cancer research and creating a strong foundation of preliminary evidence to make scientific advancements. We also sponsor grants in support of training for health professionals seeking to develop their clinical expertise and/or their ability to conduct independent research.

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