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Plants as Molecular Foundries: from Earth to Deep Space

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Workshop Overview and Safety and Regulatory Considerations for Engineered Foods for Spaceflight
Stephen Mayo, Ph.D., Caltech; Jennifer Fogarty, Ph.D., TRISH; Becky Brocato, Ph.D., NASA; Karen McDonald, Ph.D., UC Davis

Plenary Lecture: Plants as Molecular Foundries: from Earth to Deep Space
Karen McDonald, Ph.D., UC Davis

Resource Limited Recovery and Purification of Drugs

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Resource-Limited Production and Purification of Biologic Drugs
Yuri Gleba, Ph.D., Nomad

Automated Hands-Free Production and Purification of Biopharmaceuticals for Austere Environments
Laura Crowell, Ph.D., Sunflower Therapeutics

Drugs, Supplements and Nutritional Enhancement: Plant Molecular “Pharming”

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Engineering Plant-Made Recombinant Antibodies
Julian Ma, Ph.D., St. George’s University of London

Plant-Made Virus-Like Particle Vaccines
Marc-André D’Aoust, Ph.D., formerly of Medicago

Nutritional Enhancement of Duckweed as a Food for Astronauts
Barbara Demmig-Adams, Ph.D., UC Boulder

Technology for Plant Synthetic Biology

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Enabling On-Demand Biologics Manufacturing with ALiCE®, a Plant-Based Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Platform
Charles Williams, Ph.D., LenioBio

Extraterrestrial Sourcing of Nitrogen
Chris Voigt, Ph.D., MIT 
Nanotechnologies for Genetic Engineering of Plants
Gözde Demirer, Ph.D., Caltech 

Redesigning Plants to Support Space Exploration
Jenny Mortimer, Ph.D., LBNL and University of Adelaide

Engineering Plants and Growth Systems for Space Environments

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Space Crop Production Challenges
Gioia Massa, Ph.D., NASA KSC

Engineering Plants and Plant Microbiomes for Space Environments
Devin Coleman-Derr, Ph.D., USDA

Plant Growth and Lighting Systems for Space Environments
Bruce Bugbee, Ph.D., Utah State

Plant Habitats for Space
Bob Morrow, Ph.D., Sierra Space