Department of Pediatrics

Global Child Health Pediatrics Resident Societies


The Baylor Pediatric Residency Program assigns residents to one of our eight resident societies. Residents remain in the society throughout their training and participate in The Society House Cup. Society meetings are held monthly where residents discuss various topics surrounding professional responsibilities. Topics include:

  • Increasing one's leadership as a resident
  • Promoting community involvement and advocacy based efforts
  • Discuss optimal ways to advance one's career post-residency
  • Plan fun social outings for fellow society members
  • Assist in new resident recruitment efforts

What Exactly Is a Society?


A society is a small group of 24 residents that meet monthly to discuss topics on professionalism, career advancement, and recreational activities.


The Wilfert Society


In 2015, the Wilfert Society was named after Dr. Catherine Wilfert who has focused her career on eradicating pediatric AIDS, and served as the scientific director for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The Society is comprised of residents from The Dr. Kelly DeScioli Global Child Health Residency Program and the Primary Care Leaders Evaluating and Addressing Disparities (L.E.A.D.) Residency Program.