Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Resident Spotlight - Roberto Sanchez, D.O.

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Roberto Sanchez, D.O.

What I’m interested in:

I am most interested in addressing substance use disorders in underrepresented minority populations, particularly in rural and border towns.

How I’ve been developing at BCM:

BCM has provided valuable opportunities to grow not just as a physician but an educator, researcher, and advocate for my patients.

Highlights of my training:

My favorite part of training has been my year working in our county hospital’s Substance Addiction Treatment (SAT) clinic. It was rewarding to use life-changing medications such as Suboxone and apply important psychotherapeutic interventions for patients who have historically experienced significant barriers to receiving care.

My projects, tracks, or research:

I am on the Clinician Educator Track (CET). In addition, I am completing the REACH fellowship through SAMHSA/AAAP/Yale.