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School of Medicine

M.D. Program Curriculum Committee


The School of Medicine Curriculum Committee is delegated authority by the dean of the School of Medicine for the detailed development, design and implementation of all components of the medical education program, including the medical education program objectives, the learning objectives for each required curricular segment, instructional and assessment methods appropriate for the achievement of those objectives, content and content sequencing, ongoing review and updating of content, and evaluation of course, clerkship and teacher quality. Per Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) accreditation requirements, it serves as the LCME-mandated committee that assures continuous oversight and evaluation of the curriculum.  

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The Curriculum Committee has the integrated institutional authority to oversee and direct the overall design, management and evaluation of a coherent and coordinated curriculum for the medical education program, which is codified by decanal mandate. In collaboration and partnership with the Curriculum Office Deans, it ensures faculty, medical student, and administrative participation; utilizes expertise in curricular design, pedagogy, and evaluation methods; and leverages empowerment, from bylaws and decanal mandate, to work in the best interests of the institution without regard for parochial or political influences or departmental pressures. It ensures that the medical education program as a whole is designed to achieve coherence and coordination via logical sequencing of the various segments of the curriculum coordination and integration of content within and across the academic periods of study, and organization of the curriculum to permit scaffolded instruction. It directs curriculum management via; evaluation of program effectiveness by outcomes analysis, using national norms of accomplishment as a frame of reference; monitoring of content and workload in each discipline, including the identification of omissions and unplanned redundancies; and review of the stated objectives of each individual course and clerkship as well as the methods of pedagogy and medical student assessment, to ensure congruence with programmatic educational objectives.

Committee Minutes

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Meeting Schedule

  • Twice monthly and as needed.

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