School of Medicine

BCM School of Medicine Pre-Entry Program


BCM School of Medicine Pre-Entry Program for Incoming First-Year Students


 The pre-entry program will take place from July 8, 2024 to July 19, 2024.


Kickstart your medical school journey with the School of Medicine’s pre-entry program. Taking place prior to summer orientation, the two-week program will provide opportunities to:

  • Learn and apply proven academic strategies needed for medical school success
  • Engage in problem-based learning exercises with a medical case
  • Receive mentorship and practice key skills for professional identity formation and career development
  • Learn and explore Baylor College of Medicine campus and resources

The SOM Pre-Entry Program will also provide an opportunity to connect with other incoming students and a chance to mentor cohorts in the future.

Students are provided a stipend to support housing costs.

Email to learn more.