Department of Anesthesiology

Admissions FAQs


How many positions are offered in the match?

We offer 14 categorical positions, one advanced position, and five physician-only positions. All positions are offered through the NRMP match. Final determination of the number of slots each year will be determined by Jan. 15 in the year of the applicable match.

Does the program offer physician-only and advanced positions?

We offer 5 physician-only positions and one advanced position each year. However, the advanced position does not begin their training with us until the academic year following the year they match.

Does the program have specific rotation requirements for incoming physician-only and advanced positions?

The American Board of Anesthesiology requires that all physician-only and advanced applicants complete 6 months of inpatient service prior to entry into our program. In an attempt to assist our trainees, we also highly suggest that they complete one month of Emergency Medicine and two months of Critical Care service prior to starting our program, as these rotations are required during training. If these months are completed during an intern year, it will allow the trainee more time in the OR during their residency

When does the program interview applicants?

Interviews are usually conducted in November, December and January. Once an applicant has been invited to an interview, a selection of dates will be provided.

Does the program have specific USMLE requirements in order to be considered for an interview?

USMLE Step 1 scores of 220 and above are considered competitive. For individuals with lower scores, applications will only be considered if the applicant possesses outstanding performance in other application categories, such as research or significant leadership roles.

Passing the USMLEs on the first attempt is required for applications to be considered.

Step 2 is required prior to ranking an applicant.

I am an international medical school graduate (IMG) – are the requirements different?

In addition to the standard application requirements, IMGs are required to have completed, or be in the process of completing, one year of clinical training (PGY-1) in the United States in an ACGME-accredited program. IMGs must have the documents necessary for a J-1 visa, or hold a green card at the time of application. We do not sponsor H-1b visas.

Is there a cutoff in terms of number of years since graduation from medical school?

There is no specific cutoff. The activities of the applicant after graduating from medical school will be taken into account and interviews will be granted at the discretion of the selection committee.

Does the program accept applications from DOs?

Each year, we have many outstanding DO applicants and have matched these students in the past. However, we do require that DO applicants submit USMLE Step 1 scores prior to being reviewed. As for all other applicants, Step 2 will be required before ranking.

Can I do an away rotation with your department?

Currently, we are unable to offer away rotations.

Can I moonlight when I am a resident in the program?

Our department allows residents to participate in internal moonlighting activities, but not external moonlighting. Internal moonlighting is by far more desired because residents work with faculty they know, in hospitals that they are accustomed to, and malpractice needs of the resident are met by the institution.

If I have had prior residency or fellowship training in a different field, will I be able to decrease the amount of training time at BCM?

While previous experience and training are important, experience for the management of patients under anesthesia (and potential complications) in the operating room and remote locations can only be obtained during an anesthesiology residency. This program feels that it is critical for the training of our residents to complete 36 months of their clinical anesthesia years for graduation.