Department of Anesthesiology

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center (Anesthesiology Residency)


The Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, which includes the Texas Heart Institute, has two additional rotations that residents may have an opportunity to participate in. The first is an ICU rotation, led by a team of anesthesiologists, which focuses on the management and care of critically ill patients. The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of critical care, in addition to obtaining experience with critical care ultrasonography.

Residents will spend one month on the second rotation, neuroanesthesia, where residents learn to provide anesthesia for complex neurosurgical procedures, such as aneurysm repair, awake craniotomies, and craniotomies in the sitting position. Residents will also get experience with endovascular procedures, including endovascular intracranial thrombectomies and catheter directed thrombolysis.

The regional anesthesia rotation, residents learn to work closely with the Orthopedic Surgery team to provide various upper and lower extremity blocks in a busy Ambulatory Surgery Center.