Department of Anesthesiology

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center


Baylor residents have the opportunity to explore anesthesia in private practice setting at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center (BSLMC). All residents will spend one-month completing either a neuroanthesia or regional anesthesia rotation with the private practice anesthesia group within BSLMC.

During the neuroanesthesia rotation, residents learn to provide anesthesia for complex neurosurgical procedures such as aneurysm repair, awake craniotomy, and craniotomies in sitting position. Residents also get exposure to endovascular procedures such as aneurysm coiling, endovascular intracranial thrombectomy and catheter directed thrombolysis.

During the regional anesthesia rotation, residents learn to work closely with the Orthopedic Surgery team to provide various upper and lower extremity blocks in a busy Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Residents receive weekly lecture on topics related to neuroanesthesia or regional anesthesia. This rotation allows resident to learn how to perform anesthesia in a fast-paced private practice setting. It also allows our residents to explore career opportunities in private practice.