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Designing and Building eLearning Modules with Articulate Rise


View Flyer: Designing and Creating eLearning Modules

What you’ll learn:

In this professional Learning Studio, you’ll learn how to design and create an effective learner-centered elearning course/module.


  • Subscription to Articulate 360 or a trial subscription.
  • Basic knowledge of computer and the internet

Length of Professional Learning Studio: 8 Weeks

Teaching Modality: Hybrid


Are you seeking to develop an eLearning course or module for your instruction or professional development?

This four week learning studio is divided into two parts – Designing/Planning Elearning Modules and (two) Developing eLearning Modules. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the tools to create and develop effective learner-centered e-learning courses.

In this course you’ll learn to:

Design & Planning

  • Identify components of an eLearning Course
  • Align your module (activities, assignments, materials/technology and assessments) to the objectives.
  • Apply instructional design theoretical foundation, adult learning models and best practice to your module.
  • Create a lesson plan

Developing and Producing

  • Identify the four parts of the module blueprint for Development
  • Apply the blueprint and theoretical foundation to develop eLearning elements and course.
  • Author and create web based interactive courses using Articulate Rise.
  • Share and Export Rise Courses within Blackboard Learn LMS or SuccessFactors

Who this course is for:

Anyone wanting to learn to create web-based courses, grounded in instructional design principles and adult learning frameworks

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Schedule and Topics by Weeks

Week Topic Subtopic
Week 1


  • Course Overview, schedule & expectations
  • Principles of Online Learning and Online Learning
  • Characteristics of Online Learners
Week 2

Planning – Lesson Planning, Aligning Learning Objectives, Assessments Course Outline and Course Strategy

  • Learning Objectives
  • Assessments (Formative and Summative)
  • Active Learning in Digital Environments Course Strategy Document
  • Lesson Planning
  • 5 E’s of Instruction
  • Module Blueprint
Week 3 Development- Applying Design to Development
  • Orientation to Rise – Developing your course
Week 4 Rise Workshop
  • Individual Working Time
Week 5 Showcase, Evaluation and Closure
  • Showcase of Course/Modules