USDA/ARS Research Directives for the CNRC


As the first federal nutrition research center to investigate the nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing women, and children from conception through adolescence, the Children's Nutrition Research Center conducts research that helps improve the maternal, infant and child nutrition guidelines used by physicians, parents and others responsible for the care and feeding of children.


Metabolic and Epigenetic Regulation of Nutritional Metabolism

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A multi-diverse group of researchers will work to address the mechanisms that regulate the diminished growth in premature and low birth weight infants and when nutrition and evaluate  environmental exposures that affect prenatal or early postnatal development that persist to influence health throughout life.


Microbiota and Nutritional Health

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A number of pressing nutritional issues face mankind. In the US and other developed countries strategies are needed to address the ever-increasing epidemic of obesity and related chronic diseases and in impoverished countries severe acute malnutrition directly contributes to deaths of more than a million children under the age of 5 each year globally.

Molecular, Cellular, and Regulatory Aspects of Obesity Development

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Obesity and its associated metabolic disorders represent a serious health problem to our society.  A multi-discipline approach will be undertaken to address these concerns.

Nutritional Role of Phytochemicals

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The overall goal of our research is to better understand the impact of specific components of plant-based foods have on nutritional health and dietary outcomes. research is needed.

Preventing the development of Childhood Obesity

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An estimated 16% of US children are overweight and 17% are obese, and the prevalence continues to rise. Most obesity prevention interventions have been ineffective and additional research is needed.