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Genetics and Genomics Pathway


Advances in medical genetics, molecular biology, and biomedical technology have applications to the treatment of disease, determination of disease risk, use of pharmacologic agents, reproductive counseling and interpretation of clinical laboratory data. In addition, ethical and public policy concerns related to the application of these technologies to promote health and wellness have emerged.

The goals of the Genetics and Genomics Pathway are to:

  • Build upon the foundation of basic genetic principles provided in the pre-clerkship curriculum with additional educational experiences in medical genetics
  • Enhance the medical student experience to include a broad range of patients with genetic conditions
  • Develop the student's appreciation for the nuances inherent in performing and interpreting clinical diagnostic analyses in biochemical genetics, molecular genetics, and cytogenetics
  • Provide an interface with the community and patient advocacy organizations to enhance the student's awareness of the social concerns faced by patients and families affected with genetic disorders
  • Prepare students to author a scholarly publication and/or presentation
  • Provide students a means to network and discuss various topics and career paths in medical genetics



  • MEGNT-501: TouchPoints in Clinical Genetics or attend 4 case conferences/year for 4 years (16 conferences total).
  • MEGNT-520: Genetics Pathway Journal Club
  • Pathway Director Annual Meeting
  • Evenings with Genetics (two per year for four years = eight conferences total)


  • Students should consider participation in the MEGNT-553 elective if interested to obtain more research related exposure.



  • Clinical elective (4 weeks total)

Choose ONE:

  • MEGNT-525: Adult Genetics (four weeks)
  • MEGNT-544: Pediatric Clinical Genetics (four weeks)


Choose TWO:

  • MEGNT-200: Adult Genetics (two weeks)
  • MEGNT-201: Pediatric Genetics (two weeks)
  • MEGNT-202: Prenatal Genetics (two weeks)
  • Pathway Director Annual Meeting
  • Genetics Department Case-Based Conferences (Monday/Thursday/Friday – four per year for four years = 16 conferences total See Preclinical Required, 1 (above)
  • Evenings with Genetics (two per year for four years = eight conferences total)
  • MEGNT-554: Genetic Research Project


  • Presentation of Scholarly Project
    • Taub & Alexander Research Symposium
    • American College of Genetics & Genomics (ACMG) National Meeting
    • American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) National Meeting
    • Other mentor-approved venue
    • Other student-initiated venue upon mentor approval

Pathway at a Glance


View an example schedule for the Genetics and Genomics Pathway.