Medical Services & Resources


Athletic Training Outreach

Baylor Medicine Orthopedics and Sports Medicine provides licensed athletic trainers to meet the needs of recreational, student and professional athletes. Our athletic trainers are dedicated to not only providing top care to our clients, but also injury prevention and enhancing performance and recovery.

Cancer Prevention Outreach

The Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine established the Office of Outreach and Health Disparities in 2007 to ensure that the large, diverse and underserved population of our catchment area, the larger Houston area, benefit from innovative outreach, education, screening, and primary prevention strategies.

Children’s Nutritional Resources

The Children’s Nutrition Research Center offers a Healthy Eating Plan Calculator, Kids’ Body Mass Index Calculator and Adult Energy Needs and Body Mass Index Calculator.

Child Psychiatry Access Network

The State of Texas has launched the Child Psychiatry Access Network, which provides real-time psychiatric consultation services to primary care physicians across the state. Primary care physicians at Baylor College of Medicine who are interested in participating in CPAN should fill out the Texas CPAN Practice Participation Agreement. Physicians also can email for enrollment.

Environmental Health Clinics & Services

The Baylor Environmental Health Clinics provide clinical services for patients with symptoms or disease that are likely to be caused or exacerbated by exposure to environmental hazards. The clinical services include a comprehensive patient exposure history, followed by a home-based exposure assessment and intervention. The EHCs currently target patients with asthma that is not well controlled and patients with lead poisoning.

The purpose of the Environmental Health Service is to improve the understanding of the relationships between exposures to environmental health hazards and health effects and to reduce adverse health effects caused or exacerbated by such exposures, especially in the Houston metropolitan area and along the Gulf Coast. The activities of the Environmental Health Service are organized into four core areas: Professional Education, Clinical Services, Research and Community Outreach.

About Environmental Health Services

Project Echo

Project ECHO is a telehealth program that enables specialists to coach primary care providers throughout the state of Texas in treating patients who have been diagnosed with chronic disease, using telecommunication.

Sports Medicine Community Training

Trainers in the Sports Medicine division offer first aid, CPR/AED training classes. Visit their website for more information.

Stop the Bleed Program

In the event of an emergency where a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a stranger may be experiencing serious bleeding, how many people can say they know how to stop the bleed? Baylor College of Medicine physicians and the Harris Health System provide the Stop the Bleed training program to all. Read more information about the training.



Community Health


We partner with community-based organizations to provide high quality, evidence-based care to underserved areas and to help promote wellness initiatives in neighborhoods near our community health centers, school clinics and same day.


Educational Outreach


For decades, the inextricable link between education and healthcare has been the driving concept behind development of programs to improve community health at Baylor College of Medicine.