Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Resident Teaching


Selected Workshop and Seminar Topics

  • Teaching POCUS 
  • Teaching the Physical Exam
  • Resident as a Clinical Coach
  • How to Give Effective Feedback 
  • Teaching Procedures
  • Teaching in the Ambulatory Setting
  • Leading a Successful Wards Team
  • PGY-3 Panel on Being the Best Upper Level

AoRE LAB: A Medical Education Research Elective


The AoRE LAB elective was created for residents with future career interests in academic medicine. This 4-week elective block incorporates an asynchronous seminar series that cover topics related to developing, implementing and evaluating educational interventions. Residents also spend time on an educational research project of their choice, working with a mentor to refine their proposal, collect and analyze data, and submit their work for dissemination. Upon completion of the AoRE LAB elective requirements, residents will be eligible for the Distinction in Medical Education Scholarship that recognizes their work in educational research.

Past educational research projects have been presented at conferences from the local to the national level and published in medical education research journals. Some prior topics include: Upper Level Bootcamp, Resident Mentorship for Clerkship Students, Contraceptive Curriculum for Internists, Needs Assessment for Chronic Pain Management in Resident Clinics, and many more.


Distinguished Educator Certificate


The Distinguished Educator Pathway recognizes residents who have demonstrated commitment and excellence in medical education during their training. Residents who spend dedicated hours engaged in direct teaching, personal development, and medical education research are eligible to receive the Distinguished Educator Certificate at the time of graduation.