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Addressing the Concerns of Research Postdoctoral Scholars


The leadership, faculty and staff of Baylor College of Medicine are all here to support a high quality training environment and experience and are committed to the just treatment of all research postdoctoral scholars. We seek to address and resolve research postdoctoral scholar grievances in a fair and timely manner. The Postdoctoral Scholars Grievance Policy states the types of grievances, explains how grievances will be resolved, and outlines the process. In the event you have a concern, there are several options to consider:

Informal Pathways for Resolution

When a concern arises, we encourage research postdoctoral scholars to communicate with the appropriate individual in the department (e.g. chair, mentor or administrator) or with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (, 713-798-4475). The chosen individual will provide consultation regarding the available methods to resolve the issue underlying the complaint and may recommend escalating the matter through formal reporting mechanisms.

Additionally, research postdoctoral scholars may contact the Ombuds Office for assistance. The ombuds is available to provide confidential discussion of any Baylor-related concerns, including interpersonal conflict or misunderstandings and academic or administrative concerns. View the Ombuds Office for more information.

Formal Pathways for Resolution

If the grievance cannot be informally resolved, a formal grievance can be made through the Integrity Hotline by phone or online. The Integrity Hotline, operated through a neutral third-party vendor, is Baylor’s reporting portal that allows research postdoctoral scholars to pursue anonymous and named formal grievances. The Process Map and Triage of Formal Grievances Table are tools to help you understand the process and pathways.

To file a grievance by phone, call the Integrity Hotline toll-free at 855-764-7292. An operator will document all the information regarding your grievance and will file on your behalf. To file an appeal or grievance online, go to the Integrity Hotline Web Portal and select the category that best matches your concern.

After the appeal has been filed, you will create a password and be assigned a tracking number, called a Report Key. You may use your Report Key and your password to log back into the Integrity Hotline Web Portal to check the status, answer follow up questions (if any) or submit new information.


Training Slides


The training slides summarize this new policy and give two examples of grievances (mistreatment and authorship) and their resolutions. Please read and download the training slides.



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