Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Responsible Conduct of Research

Topics Covered in Responsible Conduct of Research graduate courses

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Data Acquisition & Record Keeping Responsibilities

Research Misconduct & Safe Practices in the Lab

Authorship, Peer Review, & Conflicts of Interest

Ethics in Research with Human Subjects

Responsible Authorship & Scientific Publications

Ethics of Biomedical Studies with Animals

Collaboration in Research and with Industry

Scientist as Responsible Member of Society

Rigor & Reproducibility

Conflict Resolution

Rigor & Reproducibility

Steps to Successful Completion of Dissertation & Graduate Study

Mentor-Mentee Relationship





Funding Structure of Science & Public Policy

Navigating the Mid-point


Setting Goals for Scientific Development & Success in Graduate Studies




Impact of Diversity and Representation in Science





Students in the Clinical Scientist Training Program (CSTP) M.S. program attend a separate course, Responsible Conduct of Research for Clinical Investigators, during their first year of study. This course covers much of the same material as the other graduate courses, organized to fit the CSTP pace of study.