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Increased rigor in ACGME and CLER requirements has increased the need for the College to have efficient and consistent processes across programs, be able to run a variety of reports, and integrate GME data with other BCM enterprise systems.

MedHub’s platform tracks resident experiential data, allows institutional oversight, supports integration with other BCM, and streamlines program administration. Most importantly, improved efficiency and enhanced ability to analyze data will facilitate the application of this data to improve learning outcomes.

Effective July 1, 2019, MedHub is the residency management system for all residency and fellowship programs at Baylor College of Medicine.


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What is MedHub?

MedHub is a resident data management system that tracks resident experiential data and allows institutions to ensure institutional oversight, streamline program administration, and improve learning outcomes.

Why is GME switching from E*Value to MedHub?

Our objectives are to ensure all accreditation requirements are met consistently across all programs, increase efficiency for faculty and staff, and improve the learning experience for resident and fellow physicians. Implementation of MedHub supports the achievement of these objectives.

Medhub offers many features and functions that help us reduce administrative burden by eliminating manual, redundant, and inefficient processes; automatic leverage workflows to develop and implement consistent processes across programs, and increase the use of data for continuous process improvement with robust reporting and integration of GME data with BCM enterprise systems

How will this impact my work?

The work you have processed in E*Value you will now process in Medhub.

Who is MedHub for?

Resident and fellow physicians and all faculty and staff who work with them

Will I still need E*Value at all?

Only if you also work with medical students. E*Value will continue to be used for all its current functions for medical students. For resident and fellow physicians, MedHub replaces all functions in E*Value. Program directors and coordinators will have access to historical data in E*Value.

When do I start using MedHub?

July 1, 2019

How do I use MedHub?

Read the quick start guide for faculty and for resident and fellow physicians (link guides).

How do I access MedHub?

Go to and login with you BCM username and password.

If my username does not work, whom do I contact?

Are there recommended browsers in which MedHub functions better?

Yes. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 9+, Internet Explorer 9+

Is MedHub mobile friendly?


When I am working in MedHub and have a question about how to do something, where do I go ?

The HELP tab on Medhub website.



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