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Temple Facts and Figures

  • 78,000+ population
  • 34 Year median age
  • 6th most affordable place to live in the U.S. and the cost of living is 14.3% lower than the national average
  • 30% below the national average housing cost

Source: City of Temple and Census Bureau

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Activities and Attractions

  • 45 public parks, a dog park, 25 miles of trails, water parks, golf courses and a skate park
  • Cultural arts, theater and musical offerings
  • Annual fairs and festivals, like Bloomin' Temple Festival
  • Belton Lake, features hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking cycling
  • Stillhouse Hollow Lake
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Baylor College of Medicine’s School of Medicine is the least expensive private medical school in the United States. View our brochure for an overview of Baylor College of Medicine's programs and degree plans.

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Temple Campus Jobs


Looking to join Baylor's faculty or staff at the Temple campus? From professor positions to business operations and administrative specialists, the College has a multitude of jobs available.

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