School of Medicine

Student Responsibilities


As a student enrolled in the Baylor College of Medicine, you should be knowledgeable of the College’s policies, rules, regulations, and administrative procedures that affect you. The Student Handbook provides guidelines and policies for all Medical students. Students are responsible for all the information presented in this book.

While every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of information, Baylor College of Medicine reserves the freedom to change, without notice, curriculum, courses, teaching personnel, rules, regulations, tuition, fees, and any other information published herein. This publication is not to be regarded as a contract. Should changes to degree requirements impact currently enrolled students within an academic year, students will be notified.

Further information can be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs.

Policies and Procedures

In addition to the policies and procedures presented in this handbook, all students are expected to abide by all policies of Baylor College of Medicine as published in the College's Policy and Procedures Manual.

View the Student Policy Communication Process.

The Academic Policies website provides links to policies of particular relevance to students.

Adherence to policies, procedures and deadlines is considered a professional duty of the medical student and compliance will be reflected in the professionalism section of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE). The School of Medicine reserves the right to impose additional penalties, including adverse action, against medical students for repeated non-responsiveness to official email requests and/or non-compliance with requirements, policies, procedures, and deadlines published in official publications.

View the links below for additional information.

Student Services

Services for Baylor College of Medicine are offered both by individual programs and by the College. Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Services website for updated listings of services provided by the College.


Requirements Regarding Official Communication/Publications


Email is the official and primary method of communication at Baylor College of Medicine. Students are responsible for checking their email on a minimal daily basis while school is in session, so that they stay informed of all official educational/administrative communication, which often include important deadlines.

Baylor College of Medicine will communicate by email important information about requirements and deadlines for completion of mandatory activities, as well as changes to relevant academic policies and procedures, by publishing this information in either the Student Commons Newsletter or the Student Affairs Thursday News (“official publications”).

Students are on notice that NO exceptions will be made to either the deadlines or adherence requirements communicated via BCM email or published in official publications. Lack of awareness of requirements, policies, procedures, and deadlines does not constitute an excuse for non-compliance with these requirements.