Reviewing Results


Releasing results is a quick and easy way to show students how they performed on a recent exam. The documents/Instructions below will walk you through the process of releasing exam results to the students. Students can access their exam results through the secure ExamSoft portal or you can review it with them individually. You can choose to let them see score only, incorrect answers only or the entire exam.

To ensure security, instructors should use the delayed secure exam review feature which has been made available by Exam Soft or review results with exam takers in person. This tutorial outlines steps for either approach.

  • Immediate Review (Only available if “Secure” option is selected): Faculty can choose to allow review of the assessment immediately after completion of the assessment, or at a later date (delayed review). If this option is selected, the review time limit should be set.
  • If Non-Secure is selected: Then the option to "Release Results” will be available. Release results should be used for specific students at time. You will need to “un-release” results when the review time has ended. Have this option only available for a narrow window to review only incorrect answers.


Secure Exam Review FAQ