Organizing and Adding Content


Blackboard offers a variety of ways to organize content in your course site. Good course design allows students to easily locate the information they need. You may choose to organize by topics, sections or weeks. To contain each topic/section/week's materials you can use a Content Folder or a Learning Module. 

  • Learning Modules present content to students in the form of a notebook. There is an integrated Table of Contents that lists everything the instructor adds to the Learning Module.
  • Content Folders resemble computer file folders. Once a folder is created, content and subfolders may be added to it.
  • Learning Modules and Content Folders can be added and edited in any Content Area (Course Documents, Assignments, etc.). Learning Modules and Content Folders are shells in which other types of content, such as files, are added and stored. If the parent module or folder is made unavailable to students, the items within it are also unavailable.

A good basic unit for adding content is an Item. Items can be added to either a module or folder. An item can contain text, attached files, web links, images, and more. Descriptive text can be added as well.

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