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Blackboard Communication




Announcements can be used to post timely information critical to course success such as assignment due dates, exam schedules, changes to the syllabus or other corrections or clarifications of materials.

You can add, edit and delete announcements from the announcements page. When adding an announcement, you can also choose to send the announcement as an email to your students in the course. This ensures that your students receive the announcement even if they do not log in to the course.

You can also use announcements to establish more of a presence in a hybrid or online course. Announcements can act as a sort of “stream of consciousness” or as a means for distributing supplementary materials on the fly, such as links to breaking news stories or interesting videos. Students may benefit by feeling more connected to you, the course, and by having the most up-to-date information.

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Blackboard Email


The Blackboard email tool allows you to send email messages to people in your course from within Blackboard without launching an external email program. Email can be sent to individual users or to groups of users in your course. Recipients can be selected one by one or by role (all students, all instructors). Blackboard email messages are sent to the recipient's BCM email address. Select the Return Receipt option to receive a copy of the messages you send as there is no record of sent messages retained in Blackboard.

Course messages are another option for sending a text based message within the Blackboard course. They are very uncommonly used compared to email. If you decide to use course messages be sure to tell your students where to find them and to watch for them.

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Course Messages


Calendar Scheduling


Instructors can use the Blackboard course calendar to communicate important course-related events to students. All users in the course can view the dates and events that appear on the calendar. Common entries include assignment due dates, exam dates, special lectures, guest speakers, and section meetings.